Inamori attended at the conference "Voice of Disabled, the UN Human Rights Day 2011"

Inamori attended at the conference "Voice of Disabled, the UN Human Rights Day 2011" to submit her message for peace and also introduce IAPG activity to the conference participants.

The conference as a luncheon program was held at the UN delegates dining room and its numerous participants were from the UN Human Rights Committee Elites, the EEMP of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN, the professor of Harvard University, Executive Officers of NPOs and many more.

First of all, we showed our promotion video to introduce IAPG activities. After that, her message to call love and peace was read up on the stage. As soon as it was ended, the whole participants stood up with great joy, surrounded her in circle, rejoiced taking hands exceedingly and vowed together for peace with hands lifted high.

Owing to the help from the New York Metropolitan Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence (NYMLK), we could also show and submit the same video and the peace message at the Dwyer Culture Center which is a hall of fame for African Americans Culture in NY.

Let us take this occasion to express our sincere appreciations to Dr. Brown of Friends of the UN whose efforts brought us to the UN conference, to Mr. Frazier CEO of NYMLK who gave us the opportunity to perform at the Dwyer Culture Center and to Mr. Fuchigami, CEO of United Earth, Japan who supported us all the preparation.


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