An interview with
Mr. Kouken Yamato

(The representative of IAPG)

What sort of group is IAPG?

IAPG, Inamori Art Project Group is an armature artistic company, founded in Japan by an ordinary housewife, Mrs. Noriko Inamori in 2010, whose members are all volunteers.

Throughout the various artistic activities of drama, music, dance, paintings and so on, IAPG is appealing the importance of "Love & Peace" to all over the world.

As of 4 years after its establishment, the number of its members are over 100, and is making theatrical performances in Japan and overseas. In overseas, IAPG performed two times in New York, U.S. and once in Geneva, Switzerland. And in Japan, IAPG performed mainly in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and in other cities as well.

Why is IAPG appealing for love and peace through artistic activities?

Arts can directly appeal to the hearts and emotions of people, and can raise our "IMPRESSION", our emotion of being touched our hearts which can lead us to think about love and peace and to take any future actions. We believe that arts have such "POWER".

We believe that arts are needed as means to hit the human common spirits of "Seeking Peace" and "Sharing, Making Alive, and Forgiving of Love", overcoming the differences of races and nations, which is free from ideology and dogmas of politics and religions.

What is the final goal of IAPG?

IAPG is seeking for standup of people worldwide to take actions for making the earth peaceful overcoming their differences through their sensitivity, and never through theories and dogmas.

Especially IAPG is expecting women which occupy 1/2 of the world population will be awakened to sensitivity and take actions, and that the world political and religious leaders will take hands in hands for appealing world peace, through the artistic performances of IAPG.

Advance Notice

In our next News Letter, we would like to pick up our new drama "The Firefighters" which was performed in English in New York 2014!

Message from the IAPG Founder, Noriko Inamori

Some people laugh at me, saying that world peace is an unrealistic pipe dream, but we should not give up our dreams or ideals so easily. If that dream or hope is for making someone happy and if you consistently make effort toward achieving it, I believe it will eventually come true. Japanese people learnt a lesson this time.

Our wish for world peace is strong, as Japan is the only country which has ever suffered atomic bombing. No woman wants her husband or son to go to war and kill others. There are many ordinary Japanese who still haven't given up trying to achieve peace.

Source: Inamori, Noriko. "Prayer of Love and Peace". Japan: IAPG, 2014.

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