A New Play from Orion Theatrical Group, "The Firefighters"

Why does a Japanese theatrical group represent the episode from the terrorism incident in the US?

We believe that each of us is the crew of the "Spaceship Earth" even though we are living in different nations in the world, and that all the people living on Earth is one big family.

And we believe that sad incidents and conflicts on this Earth are just like the same incidents occurred to our family, even if all those occurred in any nations in the world. Noriko Inamori was convinced of it as well.

Also the thought of hatred and fight among people will spread out over the boundaries of nations in the end. Thus even Japan looks peaceful, we can say the terrorism occurred in other nations far from Japan would never be far in the end.

However, we believe that the heart of human being loving each other has its power to expand itself over the national boundaries as well. We would like to convey prayers for love and peace to the people in all over the world stronger and faster than the hatred spreading out to overseas.

IAPG is declaring to convey "Love and Peace"to the world, then how do you convey it through the drama, "The Figherefighters"?

"The Firefighters" is a narrative telling the story of firefighters and their families' grief, bravery and emotion.

In 2012, we actually visited the church which was the base of the rescue operations in the incident. When we offered prayers in front of a lot of mementos of the firefighters there, we felt just like our hearts were shaken by the thoughts they left. At that moment, we obtained the idea of the story.

When people face other people, we believe that the heart of "Bravery" and "Love" to help or save people regardless of their lives stays in everyone, just like those firefighters. If such thoughts are shared by all the people in the world, without prioritizing our own insistence and profit, or without disagreement to the difference with others, such a stupid conflict will disappear. We believe that the thought is "Prayer of Love and Peace" itself. We would like to convey it through the attitude to life of the people in this story.

What kind of difficulties did you have to challenge your first English text drama in New York? Are your members good at English from the start?

Most of the members are not good at English. So when we decide to start this challenge, actually not a few members shouted with worry,"Can we really make it?"

However, one of the members who has much overseas experience with living abroad played a key role to lead the training of English, then gradually their command of English improved a lot.

Other than the language issue, when we acted as Americans, we faced difficulty in the difference of cultures and difference of national characters. So we tried to be like Americans by learning their behaviors through movies and dramas in English. However, even though cultures, manners and languages are different, we think that the heart of people as humans is the same, and our message will surely be conveyed to people over the differences. To do that, our efforts for overcoming such difficulties were not painful things but rather those giving us fruitful time.

From now on, we would like to step up our efforts to learn English more and more, and to offer dramas featuring the theme of "Love and Peace".

Advance Notice

We will introduce four Music Units of IAPG in the next issue.

Message from the IAPG Founder, Noriko Inamori

I also see the whole world as an art of the greatest artist, God.

That's why the stars in the universe are so stunning and deep-sea fish are breathtakingly beautiful. It's also like a grand puzzle he created. Each piece is each one of us, and doesn't become complete if a single piece is missing. No single person is unworthy of being born into this world. We exist because God wants us to.

Source: Inamori, Noriko. "Prayer of Love and Peace". Japan: IAPG, 2014.

Wish of support and contribution

We are working in order to convey our peaceful message to as many people as possible in the world. However, our activity is supported by the donation out of goodwill from the people who sympathize with th is activity. Although we are under financial difficulty, we would like to enthusiastically promote this performance. If you would consent to this message and give us your helping hands, it would be highly appreciated.

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