Introduction of our 4 music units of the INAMORI Art Project Group


Two male vocalists, three female vocalists, and a female pianist belong to this unit. The members have various talents from songwriting to musical instrument performance. With a motto of the group, "The Peaceful Earth will be born not by the discussion among representatives of nations but by the thoughts of ordinary citizens who love peace.", they are conveying hope and bravery to people through their powerful singing of their world view in the future with overcoming the differences of cultures, races and religions.


Three females' group. The characteristic of the group is their musical pieces with their wishes for the peaceful and beautiful Earth and their prayer for happiness of beloved lovers, husbands and families from the point of woman's view. They are the actresses of Play Unit "ORION", too. In the public performances, they actively perform as singers and actresses. They also appear on radio show and various events in Japan and overseas. They are conveying peace and healing to the hearts of the audiences with their beautiful harmony just like a warm light accepting and surrounding everything in this complicated world.

Green Impulse

Under the theme of the "Earth Family" overcoming the differences of cultures, races and religions, the group consists of seven children and eight adults. One of the appeals of this group is active dance performances by the child members from 2 to 12 years old. From the view point of children, they joyfully sing dreams and hopes being born on Earth. And the adult members sing a song describing mental conflicts of the son who lost his parents in the disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake. They are describing the image of us becoming the "Earth Family" as one big family by their songs with various themes.

Love Harmony

This group is a chorus group, whose members are from various groups of IAPG. Collaborating with local chorus groups when they go out for performance, at the end of the stage of IAPG, they sing together with the audiences. They hold chorus project performances connecting people overcoming the differences of regions and nations by communication among people in different places with their songs.

Advance Notice

In our next News Letter, we would like to feature our Music Unit "Green Impulse". This unit is appealing under the theme of the "Earth Family", overcoming the differences of cultures, races and religions. Please don't miss active dancing and singing of the children!

Message from the IAPG Founder, Noriko Inamori

I strongly feel we cannot let down our Mother Earth by hurting her any more. Wherever a person lives, having a different colour of skin or eyes, having a different culture, believing in a different religion, if we remember that we are all of one family who were given life and supported by Earth, then any war can never have any real meaning. War is not even an answer to provide a safe place for our children's future.

Source: Inamori, Noriko. "Prayer of Love and Peace". Japan: IAPG, 2014.

Wish of support and contribution

We are working in order to convey our peaceful message to as many people as possible in the world. However, our activity is supported by the donation out of goodwill from the people who sympathize with th is activity. Although we are under financial difficulty, we would like to enthusiastically promote this performance. If you would consent to this message and give us your helping hands, it would be highly appreciated.

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