We are looking for Theaters for the U.S. performance of INAMORI Art Project Group

INAMORI Art Project Group will come to the U.S. in 2015 again! Now we are looking for places in the U.S. for our overseas performances.

Up to now we performed at various kinds of places. Like in the classrooms of high schools and universities, in the halls of museums of art and churches, and so on.

Our programs are Japanese Taiko Drums, Dramas, Dance of the Japanese "Shinto" and Music Performances.

Performance Schedule:
September 19 to 21.

Noriko Inamori, the founder of INAMORI Art Project Group became unable to move and talk having an intractable disease. However she did not give up appealing for "Love and Peace" by the power of art. When she got opportunities to go abroad, she dare to go various nations even with her disability, even though it hurt her. Although she passed away, we would like to keep on her will handed over by her.

Everyone, why don't you join us in appealing "Love and Peace" from Japan?

Request for Your Contribution
Since INAMORI Art Project Group is a volunteer group, entire cost for going to the U.S. would be born by the individual volunteer member. Thus we would like to request for your contribution to cover the cost for transporting tools and equipment for performances from Japan and renting the places for performances.

For your information on theaters for rent and your offer of contribution, please contact the following email address.


Advance Notice

In our next News Letter, we would like to feature our Music Unit "Green Impulse". This unit is appealing under the theme of the "Earth Family", overcoming the differences of cultures, races and religions. Please don't miss active dancing and singing of the children!

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