We would like to introduce you the theme song of IAPG, "LOVE & PEACE".

What kind of song is "LOVE & PEACE"?

IAPG has been doing its performances called "Love & Peace". This song was born out of idea of IAPG, "If we have kind of a theme song of IAPG, can we effectively convey our messages?"

Are there any episodes in making this song?

Right after I start writing the lyrics for this song, I had a chance to view a Broadway musical, "HAIR". I was so impressed and sympathized with it, because it was a play under the theme of "Love & Peace". I thought this was it. And I decided the title of this song "LOVE & PEACE" going straight, because this song would be a theme song of the "Love & Peace" Performances.

What would you like to convey through this song?

Without chanting loudly "No More Wars!", it is our thought purely wishing the world being peaceful. We firmly believe that such thought over the words would be conveyed someday to the people in all over the world beyond the borders, even though it is a tiny prayer. We would like to sing this song conveying the thought.

Could you tell us about the group "ARION" singing this song?

"ARION" is a mixed vocal group with men and women, with three women and two men. Some members make lyrics and songs, so they are offering musical pieces to other IAPG units. Through the unique harmony of the mixed vocals, we would like to convey our messages with our thought of love and harmony on our original songs.

Message from the IAPG Founder, Noriko Inamori

I often contemplate how we can achieve world peace for our children.I think that if all people could share the idea that we are one bigfamily who are on board the spaceship Earth, then we are not so far from world peace. I was watching images from the space shuttle Atlantis the other day and was struck by the beauty of the Earth as it floated in space. I determined not to contaminate this beautiful planet, blessed of life and abundant water, with radioactivity.

Source: Inamori, Noriko. "Prayer of Love and Peace". Japan: IAPG, 2014.

Wish of support and contribution

We are working in order to convey our peaceful message to as many people as possible in the world. However, our activity is supported by the donation out of goodwill from the people who sympathize with th is activity. Although we are under financial difficulty, we would like to enthusiastically promote this performance. If you would consent to this message and give us your helping hands, it would be highly appreciated.

Contact information

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