This time we interviewed each unit leader on his/her impression of this year and expectation to the coming new year.

Kazumi Kusunoki / Artistic Director IAPG

I would like to say thanks so much from my heart for all the people who came to our performances and supported us in 2015.

I hope we would like to take step by step toward making the world full of love and peace, together with our colleagues having the same wish for peace, and also with you as becoming friends each other through our performances.

Please expect our evolving performances in 2016.

Abbey Sato / Leader of Dance Unit "AMATERASU" IAPG

The year of 2015 could be described as "Starting with Challenges, Keeping on Challenges, and Finishing with Challenges!" This year, we started participating in a recital of classical ballet. Then participation in performances at small theaters in Japan. Additional plays were added on to the performances which we are collaborating with the Japanese Taiko Drums Unit. Then Hiroshima and New York Performances. Then now, we are challenging new dance repertoires for the Kanagawa Performance in January 2016.

Upon the performance play arrangement, we are really challenging the wide variety of dances, such as Modern Dance, Classical Ballet, Shaman Dance Style Dance, Yosakoi-style Dancing, and Hula. Practicing the dances is honestly hard, however we love dancing and enjoy it!

We are anticipating the year 2016 would be the year of further challenges. We hope our message of Love and Peace would be conveyed to all of your hearts through our dances, so that we would like to dance wholeheartedly!

Ken Tachibana / Head of Dance Unit "SUSANOO" IAPG

Hello, everyone. I'm Ken. How are you doing?

The year of 2015 is coming to an end soon. I love Winter season best in four seasons. It is also just because I loved the crystal clear air at martial arts dojo early in the morning when I practiced a martial art in the past.

In Uji City, Kyoto, there are Bodhisattva playing music and dancing. I like these images so much even though I'm not a mania of statues. I hear that those Bodhisattva are said to be in charge of welcoming people who passed away and are going on their way to heaven. They are showing very lively appearance with playing the flute, Japanese Taiko drums and dancing.

Based on this, I naturally think of the time when I pass away and look back on my life. Although we think it's important to have a life with no regrets, it's not so easy. However, at least I'd like to keep my gratitude to every thing around us.

In 2015, we could meet with the people who had the same thoughts with us in New York. Thanks to many people's support a lot, we could make steps forward little by little. We sincerely hope that our activities of "Prayer of Love and Peace" will be spread in the heart of each one of people, and will be stronger than before. Thank you for your continuous support to us in 2016 as well!

Message from the IAPG Founder, Noriko Inamori

Why not connect with each other by praying hand in hand together, and leave the safe and promising future to the children?

I would be grateful if you could lend us a hand.

Source: Inamori, Noriko. "Prayer of Love and Peace". Japan: IAPG, 2014.

Wish of support and contribution

We are working in order to convey our peaceful message to as many people as possible in the world. However, our activity is supported by the donation out of goodwill from the people who sympathize with th is activity. Although we are under financial difficulty, we would like to enthusiastically promote this performance. If you would consent to this message and give us your helping hands, it would be highly appreciated.

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