This time, we would like to report an interview to Ms. Narino Kotohara who acted as Clair, the wife of the starring Richard in the drama, "The Firefighters".

Tell us about the woman, Clair.

Clair is an ordinary woman who is living with her husband Richard as a firefighter, and their beloved one-year-old daughter Catherine. I think she has a part of role to be a kind of a mother of other firefighters at the fire station, because Richard is a captain of the team. Also I think she is a very strong woman as being stout-hearted, as she pretends to be smiley to the others around her even though she has painful things inside.

Do you have your favorite scene or serif in "The Firefighters"?

I have a quite impressive serif which I can say I like. That is "I was ready for it." which was told in the scene of her facing to her husband's death. I think firefighters are such people who save others for life, thus the profession is so precious and great. However, if our beloved ones are doing it, we would feel a big conflict, wouldn't we? I suppose normally every one of us doesn't want our beloved family members to encounter any dangerous situation, and doesn't want them to work for the job side by side with death in our real intention. But Clair accepted it. I believe that's not because of the compromise to the situation, but she is really loving and respecting her husband from the heart, so that she accepts his profession he chose and is proud of him. I like her style as a woman, and feel it awesome as she prioritizes not her anxiety but her partner's will and chooses to live together.

Do you have anything to place importance when acting as Clair?

There are a lot of wives and family members who actually experienced the 9.11 incident. I believe there might be indescribable thoughts of them on anxiety, sorrow or desire to peace. We cannot experience the same thing, however as much as possible I would like to hold the thoughts of them and perform the play on the stage in every time.

Also I believe at Clair's center of thought there is "her love to her husband Richard". This play depicts the dual scenes in 2001 and 2013 and there is no mention in between. But I feel we can recognize how Clair has lived after the incident by the appearance and behavior of her daughter Catherine grown up. I strongly recommend you to feel Clair's love to Richard through it in the undepicted period of time.

Message from the IAPG Founder, Noriko Inamori

Mother's thought is inherited into the children's thought. When we raise our children saying "All living on the earth is a single family. Let's live loving each other." I think the ones with such a mind increase at the next generation, even if only slightly.

Source: Inamori, Noriko. "Prayer of Love and Peace". Japan: IAPG, 2014.

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