Today we would like to report an interview to Ms. Kazumi Kusunoki who performs in the two dramas, "Prayer of Mother Mary -A Miracle in Nagasaki-" and "The Firefighters" which Orion Theatrical Company presents at the NY Performance.

Do you have anything important for you to perform your role?

There is a common thing between the two roles, a female Rie in "Prayer of Mother Mary -A Miracle in Nagasaki-" (NY Performance title: "NAGASAKI MIRACLE - Then & Now-") and also Rie in "The Firefighters". That is they can receive messages from Gods. Since I do not have such an ability, I was wondering how to perform it. However, it was my finding that when I read through some part of the story, I unconsciously dropped tears, which was my surprise. Such scenes are the same kind in both "Prayer of Mother Mary" and "The Firefighters". It is the scene that she sympathizes the people who suffered from the atomic bombing and from the terrorist attack. Both of them pray, shed tears and crying "I want to save them!" They desperately do so, even if they face their risk or get hurt. I am convinced that I also have such natured tenderness, desire of others' happiness and power of loving all the creatures, even though my depth of love is not so much compared to both Rie's. I perform the roles wishing I can approach as much as possible the roles which they focus on the force inside of themselves as much as possible, and fully believe in it, and they can receive voices of Gods.

This year IAPG has been busy holding performance from January until now in Kanagawa, Tokyo and Hiroshima. What supports you to do such hard work?

What supports me is my colleagues. I love them. LOL I often meet my colleagues in my dream at night after the performance in day time. It might show I want to be with my friends even in my dream. LOL Each member of IAPG is really engaged in this activity. Actually to make stage representation in three dimensions out from the screenplay in the form of letters is not an easy work at all. Since we need other functions than actors and actresses such as sound, lighting and other various staff and their technical skills, it would be so difficult if we want to make a full-fledged stage, and the practice once a week can not make it for sure! I honestly thought like that when I came to join this theatrical company. Actually each member's effort makes it possible. It seems difficult for the members to take time for self-practice because they are company employees, students or housewives on the weekday. However, in every practice session, they overcome their weak points and have progress step by step. I'm always impressed with their effort at home, although they must be busy working as housewives and company employees, which I'm learning a lot seeing their sincere attitude. It might be natural to have some friction when making one thing by many people due to the differences of their characters and environment. However, what supports us is our strong thought to take over the founder, Notiko Inamori's wish for love and peace, and to convey it to all over the world. This ties us as one team. Even though our capability as amateurs is less than professionals, our combined feeling with our same wish and passion must create impressive stages.

NY Performance this year is just around the corner. Could you tell us about your memory in NY in the past?

The 3rd day performance in NY in 2014, the day was quite hard for performing two dramas in one day, "The Firefighters" and "Nagasaki Miracle -Then and Now-". Honestly with the performance in unfamiliar English and with jet lag, my anxiety and tension were maximum. While waiting my play, I was sitting at the sleeve of the stage, and due to the highest tension, frequently drowsiness was coming to me! I thought it was due to my sitting, and stood up and tried to say my serif. However when my part was coming close, drowsiness was getting stronger and my concentration was powered down. Then I went to the edge of sleeve of the stage to feel the heat of the play. I shed tears seeing the buddies' enthusiastic performance and realizing that I' m not the only one to fight here but together with my colleagues in desperate thought. Then I could go into the prayer in the play. My restless feeling sticking to myself went calm down completely, and I could complete my mission. After that, I try to keep my concentration standing beside the sleeve to look at the colleagues' performance as much as possible even my role is in the latter half. I'm convinced that the ones who help me are my colleagues.

Do you have some serif you especially cherish?

Actually I can't choose one, because I have so many!!

Well, in the latter half of "The Firefighters", Rie having a miracle power found a perpetrator of the terrorism of 9/11. She reiterates the man's voice, "Please forgive me! I didn't know it...". I can't help playing the scene without tears. People who are fighting under the name of God forget about the truth that every God of any religion is originally having the same thought, and how strong Gods creating and fostering us are thinking of us and loving each of us, and how they are wishing us, children of God to be happy with loving each other. So she speaks for thoughts of God. Well, can the bereaved family and surviving firefighters forgive the man? On this Mother Earth, we Earthians are kept alive and fostered. Then what is the most important thing we need to have? We must know it for sure, as well as the man does it. Because, Oops! I can't tell you now. I hope you will come to us and feel it directly here!

In May this year, the US President Obama visited Hiroshima. In his speech there, I felt his thought was the same as IAPG's "Prayer of Love and Peace". In NY, the same thought must be shared by many people. I sincerely would like to present our performances. Please look forward to it!

Message from the IAPG Founder, Noriko Inamori

I would like to let all the men know that what all women want is a society for our children and husbands where we can create a peaceful future in. No women want their loving husbands and children to kill people no matter what nationality or race. I hope humans are able to create a future where we can happily live with family and friends and pass it on to future generations.

Source: Inamori, Noriko. "Prayer of Love and Peace". Japan: IAPG, 2014.

Wish of support and contribution

We are working in order to convey our peaceful message to as many people as possible in the world. However, our activity is supported by the donation out of goodwill from the people who sympathize with th is activity. Although we are under financial difficulty, we would like to enthusiastically promote this performance. If you would consent to this message and give us your helping hands, it would be highly appreciated.

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