Musical Play "To Earth Children"
- A call for "Unification" -

We, IAPG members, continue activities for the goal of "Unification". Human beings have various differences, such as gender, country of birth, race, skin color, religion, way of thinking, and so on. "Unification" as our goal is a figure that turns into something more wonderful, beyond such differences, respecting each other's personality. We consider that a keyword to go beyond those differences is "love". When the world is full of "love", we believe that a better world will be realized than ever before.

IAPG Musical Unit also strives to express such "Unification". And it represents our musical play "To Earth Children".

Originally, we Music Unit had no work of musical plays, and four smaller groups with different individuality used to perform separately. A group of three ladies "Primavera", a group of five gender-mixed singers "ARION", a choir named "Love Harmony", and a dance & vocal group "Green Impulse". - at first glance these four groups seemed to have completely different style with no uniformity. According to the individuality of each member, the four groups had performed their own activities in order to play music in totally different style.

In such circumstances, we had a discussion several years ago. "Can't these four individual groups perform in one piece of work? By making the best use of each individuality, can't we create something better?" If we could achieve that, we might express our dream of "Unification" and convey through our musical work. Thinking so, we started to create musical plays.

There are various "differences" in this musical play: the difference of individuality among each music group, the difference between the West and the East as represented by Western music and Japanese Taiko Drums, and the difference of religion, which is the theme of this musical work. We are trying to express the figure which is transforming into something more wonderful beyond any differences. Because there are differences, something more marvelous can be created - this is what we are striving to express.

If asked whether we have achieved that level, we can say that there is still plenty of room for improvement. Thus we, Music Unit, are willing to continue daily efforts and practices, in order to disseminate the ideal of "Unification" and to share its splendor across the globe. In doing so we would like to encourage "unification", not "division", throughout the world through art and our musical plays.

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"Towards Unification. Not Division."
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