INAMORI Art Project Group, Its Vision & Principles

Each of us as a human being has "differences" with each other. The differences in gender, nations of birth, human races, skin colors, religions, ways of thinking, good points, and weak points. Nothing must be the same each other. However, there is only one common thing among human beings. It is "LOVE". Human heart wishing for happiness of someone else other than myself, the heart of "sharing" feeling like the suffering and sorrow of someone else like myself, and rejoicing like my own joy. It is the heart of forgiveness, thinking that even if someone makes a mistake, I am not perfect like God, too. "LOVE" is the human heart of "Sharing, Making Alive, and Forgiving".

America was not united when its form of the nation was not like present. Each of the state was an individual nation. And each state was ruled by its own law and policy. The "difference" by each state was the raison d'etre. This may not have changed even now. Time has passed; however, America became the United States of America, making the states belong to one nation under the founding spirit of "freedom", a bigger common term than the "differences".

Until around 150 years ago, Japan was divided into "nations" called "clans". Each "clan" had its own law and culture, which was the same as America in the past. However, from the era of Meiji, "clans" were reorganized to "prefectures", and became united as a nation, "Japan". Under the bigger spirit of "Wa", the harmony among people. Even under these circumstances, both in the US and Japan, the "difference" lives wonderfully as each nation's pride. A united nation never denies each region's individuality and pride. Rather, each individuality colors each region, makes each other alive, enhances each other beautifully like the flowers in the garden. That is "Unification".

Looking around the world now, we wonder why each "nation" needs to build a border. It is the same as among religions. Pope Francis mentioned, "The ways of all the faith are the respective road leading toward the one God", and we hear that the Koran of Islam preaches the same teaching.

If it is right, why do people choose the way to kill each other under the name of their Gods? Why do they misunderstand it to be the thoughts of Gods? Under the common term "LOVE" given by God, as the bigger common item as human beings, people on Earth must truly be able to become unitary. Isn't it the time now that mankind can be united as in "one nation" in the world, as in one Earth, destroying the historically defined frames of "nations" and "religions", and divine-created mankind as the "children of God" can be united to "a sole faith"? This means that we are the crews of "Spaceship Earth". That is "Unification".

We would like to draw a future vision that each nation will become a single state of the "Earth Nation" like America State or Japan State on Earth as a planet of love. And each religion will become united as the "Earth Religion" in which the conventional religions will become as legends, in which the legends of Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius exist.

Koken Yamato
Representative IAPG