Privacy Policy

INAMORI Art Project Group (hereinafter the "IAPG") will make an effort toward appropriate handling of personal information and take measures as follows.

1. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations
In dealing with Personal Information, IAPG will observe all applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information as well as c company's in-house rules.

2. Collection of Personal Information
When collecting personal information, IAPG will clarify the purpose of use and collect it only to the extent necessary.

3. Purpose for Use of Personal Information
The purpose of using personal information is as follows:
Planning, public relations, and the administration management of a performance or an event, including an application confirmation, a questionnaire survey, etc.
Delivery of mail magazine. (Please confirm the agreement of Extra Innovation, Inc., since the e-mail service of Extra Innovation, Inc. is used)
Inquiry correspondence.

4. Provision to Third Parties
IAPG will not provide any personal information to any other third party without obtaining prior consent from the individual, unless otherwise regarded by law.

5. Consignment of Personal Information
In the case of contracting all or part of our personal information handling operation, IAPG will select a contractor who is expected to properly handle personal information and takes necessary measures.

6. Management of Personal Information
IAPG will take security management measures to protect personal information from illegal access to, loss, destruction, leakage, etc.

7. Request Disclosure of Personal Information
If you wish to disclose your personal information, it's possible to request elucidation by a fixed procedure. Please contact below.

8. Continuous Improvement
IAPG will reconsider these initiatives above and make efforts toward continuous improvement.

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