A Performance in Hiroshima

Date and Time : On Wednesday, 6th August
First Performance : Doors Open at 13:00 Play Start at 13:30
Second Performance : Play Start at 15:00 Through at 18:00 (estimated time of end)
Sponsers : INAMORI Art Project Group
Co-Sponsers : Tokyo Opera Association, KOBE International Harmony-Eyes Association, New York Metropolitan Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence, New Heritage Theatre Group、Harlem Arts and Alliance、Friends of The United Nations (Georgia)、Peace Corp、Step by Step (Georgia)、The Riverside Church (N.Y.)

Program : A theatrical performance "SAIKAI(Reunited) -Vow of Hiroshima-", Japanese Drums, Dance Performances, Music Performances, A chorus(Tokyo Opera Association), A theatrical performance "Prayer of Mother Mary -A Miracle of Nagasaki-", Hiroshima Chorus Project(anyone and everyone is welcome)