New Year Greetings 2016

A happy new year!
I hope you are having happy new year days.

We would like to express our hearty gratitude to your lots of support to our activities of INAMORI Art Project Group last year. Thanks to your great support, we could accomplish the Hiroshima Performance in August, the New York Performance in September, and other performances in various places in Japan. In every performance, we could receive much encouragement to us and much of their positive impression as feedback. Especially we received comments from the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings and from related people with the 9.11 in New York as saying,"Your plays and music reminded me of the necessity for us to be united as one and to keep the hope to it." These comments were great and precious encouragement to us and to the Earth. We thank you so much.

Now we need to look at the situation in which a series of indiscriminate terrors and international conflicts due to the differences of religions or human races are occurring consecutively on Earth. Last year, countless innocent people became victims of such conducts. However, those Gods must be loving us regardless of the differences of our religions and human races. Telling the name of God, those who carry them out are hurting people and afflicting people in order to satisfy their desire for conquest and their own profit. In the future those people must have regrets because of the situation they are in where they can't even atone with their deaths.

It had been Noriko Inamori's wish that such stupid conflicts should be perished from the Earth and she would like to make the ideal Planet of Love, the Earth. And such thought of her is actually the true thought of the Gods of those who are fighting each other by the justice of the Gods.

Now it is the time for us to gather as one.

We would like to keep on conveying our prayer of love and peace from Japan to the world with never giving it up, even if the world is covered with dark cloud. We would like you to support us and give us your precious advice also in this year.

Kouken Yamato
INAMORI Art Project Group