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Vol. 033 IAPG Kanagawa Performance Report in February 2018
Vol. 032 IAPG New York Performance Report in October 2017
Vol. 031 Musical Play "To Earth Children" - A call for "Unification" -
Vol. 030 "Prayer of Love and Peace" Hongo Church Performance
Vol. 029 IAPG New York Performance 2016 Report
Vol. 028 2016 IAPG NY Performance
Vol. 027 Interview (Kazumi Kusunoki)
Vol. 026 2016 IAPG NY Performance
Vol. 025 Interview (Yukari Onishi)
Vol. 024 INAMORI Art Project Group Nezu Tokyo Performance
Vol. 023 Interview (Hisanobu Ogura)
Vol. 022 Interview (Mana Motohara)
Vol. 021 Interview (Maika Hoshi)
Vol. 020 Interview (Tami Yamamoto)
Vol. 019 IAPG "3.11Memorial Candle Night"
Vol. 018 Interview (Narino Kotohara)
Vol. 017 Interview (Kenko Hamano)
Vol. 016 New Year Greetings 2016
Vol. 015
Vol. 014
Vol. 013 We would like to introduce you the theme song of IAPG, "LOVE & PEACE".
Vol. 012 2015 IAPG NY Performance Report
Vol. 011 "Prayer of Mother Mary - A Miracle in NAGASAKI -"
Vol. 010 On Sunday, September 6, our Yokohama Performance was completed.
Vol. 009 We would like to introduce the three-female vocal unit, "Primavera".
Vol. 008 INAMORI Art Project Group New York Performance
Vol. 007 We would like to introduce you our Dance Unit, "AMATERASU".
Vol. 006 Taiko group "SUSANOO"
Vol. 005 Green Impulse
Vol. 004 We are looking for Theaters for the U.S. performance of INAMORI Art Project Group
Vol. 003 Introduction of our 4 music units of the INAMORI Art Project Group
Vol. 002 A New Play from Orion Theatrical Group, "The Firefighters"
Vol. 001 An interview with Mr. Kouken Yamato (The representative of IAPG)